Building domingo-connector

If you want to build the domingo-connector jar file by yourself, e.g. because you have fixed a bug or you have implemented a new feature, please follow the following instructions:


Ensure that you have installed the following software:

Due to their license, the two dependent artifacts j2ee and connector-apicannot be downloaded automatically by Maven. Please ensure that you have setup a local repository containing all dependend artifacts.

The domingo-connector artifacts can be automatically installed in the local repository with the following command, to be executed in the domingo project folder:

maven jar:deploy

Your repository should look like this:

+ domingo
  + jars
  |   domingo-1.x.jar
  |   domingo-1.x.jar.md5
  + poms
+ ibm.lotus
  + jars
+ javax.j2ee
  + jars
+ javax.resource
  + jars

Build with Maven

Open a console window, change the working directory to the root of the domingo project and run one the following commands:

maven siteCreates the website of domingo-connector in case of documentation changes.
maven distCreates a new file release of domingo-connector-connector.
maven jar:deployDeploys the jar file to the local Maven repository.

After maven has successfully built domingo-connector, the generated files can be found in the target folder.

After making changes to the source code in the src folder as necessary, please also adjust or extend the test cases in the test folder to ensure correctness of your change.