Ohloh project report for domingo


From the users view, domingo is a set of interfaces together with a factory class to create instance classes of the interfaces to access Lotus Notes/Domino.

There are currently two supported implementations of the interfaces: the single-threaded proxy-implementation encapsulates the Java-API of Notes and contains work-arounds for many problems and bugs. The multi-threaded service-implementation provides a thread pool to simplify thread handling when using local calls to a Notes-Client. A third implementation is under development that uses HTTP und XML/DXL to access Domino servers.

Furthermore, a resource adapter is available allowing access to Lotus Notes/Domino in an EJB-Container.

You can click on the image to find out more about the details.

For any further information please read the JavaDoc of domingo

Domingo J2EE Connector Domingo Groupware Domingo Maping Domingo API Domingo XML over Http Domingo Core