Ohloh project report for domingo

Welcome to Domingo

Domingo is a simple, consistent, object-oriented easy-to-use interface to the Lotus Notes/Domino Java-API.

The latest release 1.5.1 has been published on January 28, 2008.

Why should I use domingo instead of the Notes Java-API?

If you are a Lotus-Script developer and currently learning Java, with domingo you can access Lotus Notes/Domino as easy as with Lotus-Script. Here are some other important reasons:

  • No recycling of notes objects needed at all.
  • You donot have to recycle any notes objects!
  • Just one more time: recycling of all notes objects is completely handled by domingo!
  • exception handling is almost not necessary, but optionally possible
  • domingo comes with JavaDoc that can be used in-place in your favorite development environment
  • Easy access to the Notes client in Java from outside of the Notes client.
  • Stable access to Lotus Domino from a J2EE Web-Application server


Please read our download page for details.


CorestableDomingo supports approximately 75% of the functionality of the original Lotus Notes Java-API. Specifically domingo has only partial support for Richt Text, Mime entities and XML processing. Missing methods are easy to implement, so please create a feature request to let us know what we should implement next.
Httpimplementationexperimentalnot yet feature-complete.
J2EEConnectoralphafeature-complete but not yet well tested.
Mappingexperimentalnot yet feature-complete.
Groupwareexperimentalnot yet feature-complete.


Please read our support page for details.