Ohloh project report for domingo


Domingo can be configured by a properties file named that must be placed in the package de.bea.domingo. The following properties are supported. Usually you donot have to change these values, because the default values are appropriate for most cases.

de.bea.domingo.monitor.levelSetup debug level of Domingo. Allowed values are FATAL, ERROR, WARN, INFO or DEBUGWARN
de.bea.domingo.threadpool.sizeSetup number of threads in thread pool.1
de.bea.domingo.cache.thresholdThreshold of weak cache before recycling unused notes objects. Extremly small values might worsen performance, extremly high values might result in 'out of memory' errors. Allowed values are any integer bigger than zero2000
de.bea.domingo.factoryName of factory class to use.

WARNING: You should not change this property unless your are a domingo developer or an experienced domino user! Changing this property might cause unexpected errors!



Here is an example of a Domingo configuration file: